• This program is dedicated to providing competent and humane services to all clients; it recognizes that delivery of competent services requires staff to have knowledge, skill, time, attentiveness and training to assist clients.
  • Dignity House respects the rights of all clients in regards to confidentiality of all records, correspondence, and any information relating to their stay at Dignity House.
  • No employee shall enter into any financial relationship with any client.
  • No employee will have any sexual relations or relationship with any client.
  • All clients entering this program shall be provided with an orientation to the program and program rules at or before the date of admission or as soon thereafter as possible.
  • Dignity House employees will treat all clients with consideration, respect, and full recognition of their dignity and individuality.
  • Dignity House understands and supports actions that will assist clients with a better quality of life, greater freedom and true independence.
  • Dignity House shall render equally appropriate services to all individuals/clients whether they are paying a reduced fee, a full fee or are waived from fees altogether.
  • Dignity House will not engage in professional relationships or commitments that will conflict with a client’s well-being and/or recovery.


  • Dignity House is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our residents. We will work with you to try to resolve any conflict and try to provide a satisfactory outcome for all parties involved within seventy-two (72) hours, whenever possible.
  • If you have a complaint and/or grievance or wish to participate or convey your feelings regarding any ethical issue during your stay at Integrity House, please follow the procedures outlined herein.
  • Please fill out grievance form and submit to Director. All grievances will be addressed within 72 hours.
  • The Program Director will meet with you to discuss your grievance/complaint within forty-eight hours. During the initial interview, the Program Director will discuss the nature of the complaint/grievance, the impact on your stay (if applicable) and possible resolutions. You will be provided with a written response to your complaint/grievance with resolutions within seventy-two hours of receipt. The program Director will sign this response.
  • If you still feel like the issue has not been resolved after speaking to management you may contact FARR (The Florida Association of Recovery Residences) and file a grievance by going to http://farronline.org/file-a-grievance/

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