Transitional Living is a safe place for women, providing  loving Transitional Living environment where women will learn to cope without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Build self esteem, and become happily and usefully whole. We are owner operated with a great and ethical staff.

The maintenance, cleanliness, and quality of the home’s our women live in is very important to us, as well as the quality of the neighborhood in which we operate. Located in beautiful historic Lake Park, Florida, we are less than five minutes from the pristine beaches of Palm Beach County, blocks from the inter-coastal waterway, an international airport, quality hotel accommodations, major colleges, shopping, and employment opportunities.

Palm Beach County is considered a “Mecca” of recovery in the United States. It is one of the leading contributors of recovery programs throughout the country, renowned for its treatment facilities and meetings for drug addiction and alcoholism. We pride ourselves on our recovery community and the long-term, quality sobriety of our “Old Timers” (those who have shown us the way). We are within walking distance of intensive out patient facilities, as well as three very successful residential facilities.

Our Women’s halfway house facility provides beautiful homes, great care, and amazing locations.


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